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     Another first from Ekrem Güneş Solar. For renewable energy systems, Ekrem Güneş Solar made a great collaboration with Asbank about credits to our people



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     Ekrem Solar Solar Co., Ltd.. Cyprus is one of the leading renewable energy, is one of the project and engineering companies. Energy produced by solar wind and other renewable energy sources in our country's most dynamic market conditions to ensure the efficient and economic conditions, offers its customers turnkey projects.

      Plans for the future we do throughout our lives, our plans sometimes occurs and sometimes does not occur during our lives, but we have plans for you that we believe will happen in the long run.

       Step-by-step shaping our future, to leave a livable world for future generations and we have lived together with you to make your life even better we want to raise our standard of living.

      Our country is full of fossil fuels to meet energy needs and energy needs are increasing over time every night. In parallel, the weight of energy costs in the state budget is increasing both in terms of both the community and most importantly their potential harm to our nature ...

      Designed for you at the beginning of a long-term plans lie in the production of clean energy independent. Do you know? Renewable energy system that will produce 1 kilowatt of energy savings per year with approximately 800 kg of oxygen per hour sağlayabiliyorsunuz and 2.3 kg of an adult tree. took 1.7 kg of carbon dioxide. If we calculate that the nature of oxygen each year hundreds of adult trees will be planted!
Registered Address of the Company: 
Ekrem Güneş Solar Sistemler Ltd. 
Dr. Burhan Nalbantoğlu St. Aksın Apt. No:10/4A Nicosia - TRNC
Registrar No: MŞ 12651 
Director: Ekrem Güneş
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